Who We Are?

Message of Neak Okhna Try Pheap, Director General of Try Pheap Group Co., Ltd

Dear, Ladies and Gentlemen/ National and International Tourists,

Indeed, the peace factor has made our country develop steadily, as well as the achievement of many achievements for the society as nowadays. Under the shadow of peace, people all over the country are happy, especially at all major festivals, which are an opportunity for government officials and the general public to visit various tourist destinations in Cambodia during the holidays. At the same time, seeing the current growth trend in Cambodia’s tourism sector, which has been growing rapidly, I am proud to promote the development of tourism as much as possible.

In some places to meet the needs of tourists. As in the case of the development of a tourist resort in Poy Kamping in Sihanoukvile, it is already a development under an innovative initiative and at its own expense to become a luxury tourist destination that attracts both national and international tourists. In order to contribute to the development and better service of Cambodia’s tourism sector. At the same time, I am very pleased and welcome to you, ladies and gentlemen, national and international guests come to visit and stay in the tourist atmosphere of ​​Poy Kamping “Try Pheap Udom Sen Sokh”.

Once again, I would like to thank Peace, Peace, brilliant development in all areas and bring happiness to people living across the country.

I respectfully wish and wish all the people, national and international guests, the four blessings of the Buddha: ayu, Vannak,Soka, Polak, strength all the time.

Resort Overview

Try Pheap Udom Sen Sokh Resort 7168 Resort is a 5-star resort located in Sihanoukvile, southwestern Cambodia, 236 km from Phnom Penh, which began construction in 2016, covering a total area of 100,270 square meters. The resort offers accommodation for 18 Villa to welcome national and international tourists, each of which is built in the traditional Khmer style combined with modern Khmer architecture, equipped with modern facilities.
In addition to providing resort accommodation, we also offer a variety of services such as: restaurants, swimming pools and island fishing tours, and a variety of water sports, especially the resort area, which is surrounded by Natural resources and biodiversity of all kinds, such as corals, fish, which provides general tourists can visit the ecological area preserved by our resort with great pleasure.


Try Pheap Group Co., Ltd ’s vision is to invest towards the receiving of Green Economy profits which focuses on the development of Agro-Industrial Crops, Goods and Processing Services and Tourism by maintaining environmental values and national culture.


Try Pheap Group Co., Ltd ’s mission is to stimulate crops growing in order to increase quantity through the promotion of quality, effectiveness, diversification of agro-industrial products, goods and processing services, architecture and tourism to meet local and international market demands and the expansion of its capacity in stimulating export trading.